Mattresses Lusocolchão


Lusocolchão Viscogel Pillow
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Lusocolchão Viscogel Pillow Gel cover Whole core of viscoelastic material Thermosensitive material that provides high confort Anti mice and anti allergic Strech fabric, anti mice, anti allergic and anti bacterial Inner cover of 100% cotton. Dimensions: 60x40cm
Bioceramic bagged strings matress-Lusocolchão
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Height +/- 27 cm  Anti-mites Anti-allergic Anatomical Viscographene Polyester stabilizing frame Bioceramic Stretch Cloth 3D breathable  Bagged Springs Micro-massage Lateral handles The combination of bagged springs and viscographene together with a stabilizing frame, makes this matress, flexible, light and extremely comfortable. The perfect sleeping experience.
ACTIVE COMFORT Mattress Lusocolchão
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ACTIVE COMFORT Mattress Lusocolchão - High density profiled core mattress for articulated beds. Characteristics: High density polyether profiled foam core. Optimum flexibility and elasticity, high-capacity adapting to the movement of adjustable bed bases, providing perfect body support. Antiallergenic and anti-mite. Strech ticking. Height: +/- 22cm (8,66 inches) Anatomical design.