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Original Line

Health Pillow Molaflex
Health Pillow Molaflex Viscoelastic pillow with medum-high firmness and auto-adaptable. Its block creates a nice effect as you lean and perfectly adapts to the neck and back of the head, reducing the pressure points. Its pillowcase allows the washing maintaining its properties. HeiQ Viroblock - Fabric technology that protects the products of microbes and germs. It contains a recicled silver-based biocide in the fabric that marks a before and after of your bed hygiene. Poliéster - Guarantees a higher durability and facilitates the maintenance of the color. Lycra - Sintthetic textile fabric with high elasticity Fabric - 97% elastic polyester with HeiQ Viroblock technology and 3% of lycra. Filling - Viscoelastic block